Nanty-Glo, Pennsylvania

Nestled quietly along the banks of the Blacklick Creek, in a valley located in the west-central portion of the Allegheny Mountains, the town of Nanty-Glo remains a tribute to the once thriving coal and steel industry of the region. While the mine shafts are sealed and the last blast from the work whistle has blown, you will discover a community of families, neighbors, and friends who continue to carry on the values and heritage left to us by those who came to build a better way life for their families and their country.

This small coal-mining neighborhood has made an impact on the world in coal production, the outcome of a major World War, the history of professional baseball, and more. World War II Flying Ace Boyd “Buzz” Wagner, Baseball Legend Charlie Metro, and Author Malcolm Cawley are among many of our celebrated sons and daughters who answered their call for an exciting rendezvous with history. Today, the community of Nanty-Glo continues to prepare upcoming generations of men and women to lead the world.

The Nant-Y-Glo Tri-Area Museum & Historical Society is on the move and busy preparing for the grand opening of The Liberty Museum. In the meantime, there’s still plenty to do, including a walk or bike ride along the Ghost Town Trail, a visit to the Liberty Cafe for good food and conversation, and a lot of great community events!

To learn more about Scott’s hometown of Nanty-Glo, Pennsylvania, be sure to check out the community website at

To learn more about The Ghost Town Trail, a United States National Park Service designated National Recreation Trail, be sure to visit the website at

To watch the May 24, 2012 premiere of Our Town: Nanty-Glo on WPSU-TV, be sure to visit WPSU’s Our Town Webpage at

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