Trick or Treat?

I love everything autumn – the changing of the colors, the coolness of the temperatures, the playing of football, and the celebration of the festivals. It continuously reminds me of opportunities to embrace positive change and moments in which to savor the fruits of hard labor. It reminds me that life is full of decisions and choices; ones that can make the trip a miserable and bitter experience, and others that can only serve to sweeten the journey.

This chilly Halloween morning brings back fond childhood memories. While the thoughts of disguising ourselves as a favorite character or occupation was certainly on our minds, the anticipation of filling our plastic jack-o-lanterns with tasty morsels topped the list, and we had a plan. Having years of experience tucked under our belts, we knew just what candy tickled our tongues and satisfied our tummies and we usually knew how to get it –  completely fill the plastic pumpkin with an assortment of loot in order to  trade off your less than favorite flavors with a brother, sister or friend. The challenge was selecting the right places to pick up more of your favorites and avoiding the pranksters lurking behind the trees and hedges.

Trick-or-treating sounds a bit like life. We’re all reaching for God-given dreams and we’ve planned and schemed on ways to reach our goals. There are times however when we stray from the plan. We repeatedly knock on doors not meant for our visitations and become distracted by the pranksters who try and scare us from the path. We reach for brightly colored, temporary treats that usually leave a bitter taste in our life. We grow afraid, scared, enslaved, and imprisoned, and soon life can become the literal Nightmare on Your Street.

As you travel this wonderful journey, walk wisely. Pray for discernment to discover the tricks and the treats. Listen to the still, small voice inside of you calling you to the open doors. Profile the pranksters and walk away. Keep your course straight and true. You might just give up the bitter to savor more of the sweet.

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Moving Heaven & Earth

Did you know that God is moving heaven and earth for you today? Check out Scott’s latest article in the October edition of SGN Scoops Magazine!

We are pleased to celebrate 75 years in Gospel Music with Ms. Lou Wills Hildreth in this edition of SGNScoops Magazine. Sandi Duncan Clark captured many of this living legend’s memories in this month’s cover story. Also in this edition enjoy ministry updates from Larnelle Harris, Voices Won, Freedom, Wilburn & Wilburn, the Hinshaws and Jim Mahalick. Get a peek inside the SGNScoops booth at the 2012 NQC as well as follow Charlie Sexton around as he talks to fans who attended this year’s event. Laura speaks with Gospel Music Historian, Dean Adkins, Sandi shares a conversation with Greg Bentley regarding “talent competitions” and Rhonda Frye speaks with Gloria Gaither about the new Gaither Homecoming Bible. See who released new music and find out who is topping charts!

Enjoy several inspirational articles including one from guest writer, Janene Dubbeld and keep up with Jeff Hawes as he travels the world with Karen Peck and New River! Don’t miss the latest update on the Creekside Gospel Music Convention too! We excited to share about this year’s outreach project! This month is packed with the latest news in the world of gospel music delivered by a dedicated staff with many years experience in the Industry. Please share with friends and remember- Always digital, always free…… always good!

Scott Named Recipient of 2012 IUP Award!

Scott is honored to be named as a recipient of the 2012 Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP) Young Alumni Achievement Award by the IUP College of Health and Human Services.

The Young Alumni Achievement Award was created to recognize recent IUP graduates identified as being outstanding in their fields and to present such alumni to current IUP students as examples of exceptional achievement. All recent graduates of IUP, less than fifteen years, who have recorded notable accomplishments in their chosen profession are eligible for this award. The Young Alumni Achievers are invited to hold seminars, presentations, and panel discussions on topics related to their professions.

Scott will join five other recipients of the 2012 IUP Young Alumni Achievement Awards on Monday, November 5, 2012 at the IUP campus for receptions, the awards luncheon, and an opportunity to share his experiences with current students and faculty. The award, sponsored by the IUP Alumni Association and the IUP Ambassadors, will be presented by University President Dr. Michael Driscoll.

Scott is a 2006 graduate of IUP’s Department of Nursing and Allied Health Professions Graduate Studies Program.

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Faith & Sight

A while ago I was driving through our small university town, when I noticed a blind student walking on the sidewalk using his sensing stick to safely navigate along the street. I immediately whispered a short prayer thanking God for the wonderful gift of sight. I couldn’t imagine a life without seeing…but then again, maybe I could.

I’ve encountered numerous individuals with physical disabilities; it comes with the territory in my line of work. In my opinion, these folks are exceptional and more in touch with the world around them than the average human being. Scientists have told us for years how the body compensates for the lack of certain physical abilities. In this case, the blind have a unique ability to perceive the world and their surroundings by enhanced hearing; a sixth sense if you will.

While many of us are not physically blind, we’re all visually handicapped when it comes to life. Biblical scripture refers to it as walking by faith, and not by sight. As we journey through life, we do so not knowing the end results. We make educated guesses and take calculated risks, but in the end, it’s really a simple matter of faith. The question becomes, “what do we place our faith in?” There are those whose paradigm revolves around the objective matters of mathematics and science, and there are others whose worldview surrounds the subjective essence of the unseen. Still, most individuals walk through life trying to maintain a balance between the two.

Biblical scripture describes faith as the “substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. “  It lends credibility that while math and science have their merits, there is substance to believing and trusting in the intangible. When it comes to everyday living, there really is a sixth sense. Do you recognize it when you feel it – a sense of peace, a sense of concern, a sense of guilt, a sense of contentment…all an enhanced feature of an internal, spiritual compass with which we were created to compensate for our lack of sight. It simply makes the way more clear.

Are you going through a period of life where things aren’t clear or you can’t see the road ahead? Have those traditional navigational aids you have relied on for so many years finally failed you? Do you trust the still, small voice inside calling to you to differentiate the real from the illusion? We all have our blind spots, so pull out your sensing stick and trust the One who will faithfully guide you on the next leg of your journey.

©Copyright 2012 Scott Rhoades/Ivory Hill Studios