Scott Named Recipient of 2012 IUP Award!

Scott is honored to be named as a recipient of the 2012 Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP) Young Alumni Achievement Award by the IUP College of Health and Human Services.

The Young Alumni Achievement Award was created to recognize recent IUP graduates identified as being outstanding in their fields and to present such alumni to current IUP students as examples of exceptional achievement. All recent graduates of IUP, less than fifteen years, who have recorded notable accomplishments in their chosen profession are eligible for this award. The Young Alumni Achievers are invited to hold seminars, presentations, and panel discussions on topics related to their professions.

Scott will join five other recipients of the 2012 IUP Young Alumni Achievement Awards on Monday, November 5, 2012 at the IUP campus for receptions, the awards luncheon, and an opportunity to share his experiences with current students and faculty. The award, sponsored by the IUP Alumni Association and the IUP Ambassadors, will be presented by University President Dr. Michael Driscoll.

Scott is a 2006 graduate of IUP’s Department of Nursing and Allied Health Professions Graduate Studies Program.

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