Back To Basics

Is your frustration with money (or the lack thereof) keeping you from attempting to create a warm and welcoming haven for you, your family, and guests? Perhaps you have a plan for a major house renovation, but you’ve abandoned the idea because you’re discouraged with the tallying of the estimated costs and now you don’t feel you can do anything. Well my friend, take heart, because while you are budgeting and saving for that next big project, here are a few small things that can make a difference:

1. Keep it clean. It doesn’t matter if you live in a mobile home or a million-dollar mansion, keeping your environment clean and fresh can make all the difference. My, what a little soap, water, and elbow grease can accomplish!

2. Keep it organized. Organizing your surroundings will often times help you organize your thoughts, yours actions, your days, and your lifestyle. Take advantage of “to do” lists, files, folders, drawers, and totes to keep you on top of your busy household and schedule!

3. Un-clutter. Schedule times throughout the year and unload the excess baggage. Donate items that are in good condition to the local thrift store, church care closet, or to someone you know who might be able to use them. If you’re looking for some extra change (to save towards that big project) or want to donate some funds to a worthy project, have a yard or garage sale

4. DYI (Do It Yourself) projects. Changing or updating fixtures on kitchen cupboards, lights, switches, etc., can give any room a new appearance. A little fresh paint can provide a new look or dimension to an old space or item. Simple throw pillows can add a different element to living spaces. Restoring old furniture or an antique can give any room or the outdoors a fresh look and a bed and breakfast feel. Adding flowers, greens, and mulch around shrubs, walkways, and/or trees can totally redefine your outdoor landscape.

Making small, gradual changes will allow your living spaces to take on a whole new personality and charm, while providing you a relaxed and comfortable surrounding that will simply welcome you home.

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