Autumn Newsletter 2014

Autumn is in full form here on the plains of southwest Ohio and the colorful fall foliage, harvest celebrations, holidays, and the playing of football all serve as reminders that change is indeed in the offing. If I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again – this is my favorite time of year!

There’s just something about the feel of the chilled air, the sight of colorful trees and vegetation, the sound of dried leaves rustling across the lawn, the aroma of delicious pumpkin and spices wafting from the kitchen, and the taste of a warm mug of apple cider that sooths and slows the rushed and hurried mind, soul, and body. It’s an opportunity to renew perspectives and to fortify the spirit in preparation for the cold and bitter days ahead.

As we observe this season of blessing and thanksgiving, I invite you to visit the feature pages and articles of the website – personal blogs, home segments, menu ideas, favorite travel destinations, and guest postings – all designed for your enjoyment and to celebrate all things autumn!

Happy Fall,


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