Welcome to the official website of Writer, Speaker, Storyteller, and Life Traveler, Scott Rhoades. Scott is honored you have stopped by to visit, so please make yourself at home and feel free to browse the pages of his website!

As you navigate the menu, you’ll discover fascinating stories and facts about Scott and his exciting journey from an award-winning emergency medical & aerospace healthcare professional to an insightful and artistic writer and speaker. You’ll catch a glimpse of life in a small, coal-mining community and learn more about his treasured hometown & family legacies. You’ll uncover new perspectives on life as you examine Scott’s refreshing and captivating posts and uncover a path leading you to more featured articles and podcasts – but that’s just the beginning!

As you continue exploring the site, you’ll find a variety of ways to keep connected with Scott, encounter opportunities to catch him at a personal appearance, and learn how to schedule him for your next event. You’ll also move to the head of the line for the latest news and product releases!

So come on in and make yourself at home.

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